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Alimentazione e Dietetica Applicata – ADA

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Qualification required

Postgraduate degree as listed:
LM-41 Medicine and Surgery
LM-13 Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy
LM-6 Biology
LM-61 Sciences of Human Nutrition
LM-70 Food Science and Technology
LM-85 BIS Primary Education Sciences
LM-85 Pedagogical Sciences
LM-9 Medical, veterinary and pharmaceutical biotechnology

* * If you meet the following requirements mentioned in the art. 2 of the Interministerial Decree of 28 June 2011 LM/SNT3 Scienze delle professioni sanitarie tecniche” (limitatamente a chi è in possesso anche di Laurea in Dietistica – Classe L/SNT3 -, abilitante alla professione sanitaria di Dietista)

Degree with a previous degree system 509/99 as listed:
Medicine and surgery (46 / S),
Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy (14 / S),
Biology (6 / S),
Sciences of Human Nutrition (69 / S),
Agri-food Sciences and Technologies (78 / S)
Pedagogical sciences (87 / S)
Medical, veterinary and pharmaceutical biotechnologies (9S)

* * If you meet the following requirements mentioned in the art. 2 of the Interministerial Decree of 28 June 2011

Director and contacts

Prof.ssa Paola Palestini;

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The Master is addressed to whom wish to deepen their nutritional and dietary knowledge and / or to those who, in possession of the legal requirements, wish to orient their profession in the field of dietetics.
The aim of the Master is to provide graduates from different scientific disciplines with the necessary skills for the training of professional figures in the field of human nutrition.

Career opportunities

The Master aims to contribute to the training of professional figures, with multidisciplinary knowledge, theoretical and practical, relating to human nutrition in different physiological conditions (adolescence, maturity, aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause) and in particular pathological conditions. It will also provide notions for the planning and promoting of food education interventions and at organizing activities in the context of community dietetic services as regards the nutritional aspect, controlling compliance with food hygiene standards.

The professional figure formed in the Master, according to the current legislation, can find a chance in:
- Agencies and health companies (Hospitals, ASLs, etc.)
- Food education interventions
- Collective catering company
- Free-professional activities