BEST4FOOD Center hosts several activities and promote various services which can be accessed through the proposal or the sharing of research and innovation projects as well as the request for specific services provided by the different research teams.

The scientific committee together with the management board will evaluate the proposals through a selection process summarized below and will structure an operative plan that will be presented to the applicants.

Here you can find the lists of our services.

Here you can find more information about our education activities

Accession phase

Problem presentation

  • The access to the center can be done through the proposal of research projects that involve BEST4FOOD Center itself or specific research teams as well as direct requests of research activities or consultancy services.

Problem analysis

  • Based on the specific requests, research and development strategies will be implemented with a particular focus on public engagement and citizens engagement. (RRI- Responsible Research and Innovation)

Team engagement

  • Selection of the research team with the appropriate expertise and stakeholders engagement.

Operative phase

Working schedule

  • Identification of practical goals, role of the research team and time schedule.


  • Selection of the most suitable strategy and analytical procedure to reach the aims.

Operative strategy

  • Research actions, Joint Lab and Technology Transfer activities

Valorization phase


  • Technical Report, 
    Joint action, 
    Communication and Education actions