BEST4FOOD Center count on a team with more than 100 experts involved in different frameworks of the ‘Food and Health’ sector. The added value of the center is the selection of several players with skills in problems solving through a multidisciplinary approach in order to cover all the different aspects of research and services.
The scientific and the management boards will select the most appropriate experts for each research project to better fulfil the commercial need and the technical requests.

Airoldi Cristina

Chemical analysis by NMR for food origin
Chemical analysis by NMR

Arcari Maurizio

Water Resources and International Law

Ballabio Davide

Machine learning and chemometrics for food chemical data

Barberani Silvia

Anthropology of Food

Bargna Ivan

Anthropology of Food

Barisani Donatella

Celiac disease, genetic and biological studies

Basso Daniela Maria

Biomineralization, calcareos algae, nutraceuticals, exotic species

Batini Carlo


Bellocco Rino

Analysis of epidemiological data

Bertacchi Stefano

Waste Reuse and circolar economy
Microbial process

Biscotti Barbara

The ritual and celebration of food

Bonizzoni Paola

Bioinformatics, Next Generation Sequencing, Genome analysis

Bonfanti Patrizia

Cell and developmental biology; Nano-food fortification

Bonomi Tullia

Water usage

Borrelli Nunzia

Food Policy e Governance

Branduardi Paola

Waste Reuse and circolar economy
Microbial process

Bricolo Emanuela


Bruno Antonia

 Molecular Biology, Drinking Water Microbiome, Environmental DNA

Bulbarelli Alessandra

Cell toxicity

Buzzacchi Camilla

Health protection law, environment protection law

Campone Luca

Food chemistry and safety

Candelieri Antonio

ICT Technology for water

Casiraghi Maurizio

Animal biodiversity
Animal origin and traceability
Molecular Biodiversity
Gut Molecular Microbiome

Castiglioni Micaela


Cazzaniga Emanuela


Cerini Diana

Food Law and Welfare - Liability, risk management and insurance in food law

Chiaradonna Ferdinando

Diet and Nutrition

Ciocca Gianluigi

ICT Technology for food

Citterio Sandra

Local plant ecotypes, plant allergy, exotic species, environment pollution

Clerici Michela


Coccetti Paola

Metabolic Evaluation on yeast model to prevent aging and neurodegeneration

Colleoni Matteo

Food styles

Colli Elena

Community Gardening

Colombo Anita

Cell and developmental biology
Nano-food fortification

Colombo Sonia

Metabolic Evaluation on yeast model organism for in vivo studies and analysis of cell stress resistance

Conti Maria Vittoria

Diet and nutrition

D'Addario Marco

Lifestyle change, health and well-being. Risk perception and risk communication

Daconto Luca

Food accessibility

Dameno Roberta

Right to choose and food labeling

De Gioia Luca

Computational investigation of biological molecules

Delsignore Monica

Food policy, environment, bioeconomy, waste, green deal

Dell'Agli Mario

Digest Simulation, Pharmaceutical plant selection, Food pharmacological properties

Della Vedova Gianluca

Di Gennaro Patrizia

Microbial origin and traceability, Microbial Biodiversity, Gut Microbiology

Domaneschi Lorenzo

Food and Wine Culture

Dova Massimiliano

Crime against public safety in agri-food sector

Ferretto Matilde

Tourism and Local Devolpment

Finizio Antonio

Environmental risk assessment for pesticides and veterinary pharmaceuticals

Forcella Matilde


Formenti Laura

Food and education

Forni Lorena

Resource Allocation in Healthcare

Fraschini Roberta

Cell molecular interaction

Fusi Paola

Metabolic Evaluation on yeast model organism for in vivo studies

Galimberti Andrea

Functional Agroecosystem

Gallace Alberto


Galli Paolo

Marine biodiversity and ecosystem
Seafood origin and traceability

Gambini Annastella

Food and innovative learning

Gentili Rodolfo

Conservation of cultivated landraces and wild crop relatives

Garavaglia Christian



Garbelli Maria Emilia


Grandori Rita

Bioinformatics and molecular modelling

Granucci Francesca

Inflammation and Immunology

Grazzani Ilaria

Biographies and nutrition histories

Guzzetti Lorenzo

Phytochemical characterization of plants


La Ferla Barbara

Molecular synthesis and modification

Labra Massimo

Plant biodiversity
Plant origin and traceability
Agrofood biodiversity
Plant selection

Lamarque Elisabetta

Food waste recycling and urban policies

Lonati Elena Rita

Cell toxicity

Lotti Marina

Molecular engineering

Maggioni Davide

Coral Reef Ecology, Seafood traceability using molecular techniques, Biodiversity

Magoni Chiara

RRI tools; Participatory processes; Agro-food systems; Food Policy

Mantecca Paride

Cell and developmental biology, Safe-by-design of food nano-ingredients

Matacena Raffaele

Alternative Food Networks

Mari Silvia

Social Psychology

Mauri Michele

Materials Science, Characterization, Spectroscopy, Polymers, Packaging

Maurino Andrea

ICT technology for food chain traceability

Mellinato Giulio

Food history

Miglioretti Massimo

Lifestyle change, well-being, health promotion and occupational health

Minotti Bianca

Food and public policies

Mocarelli Luca

Food history

Mugnano Silvia

Tourism and local community

Musumeci Rosario

Clinical microbiology and food

Napoletano Paolo

Food and ICT

Navarini Gianmarco

Wine & Food Cultures

Nigris Elisabetta

Food and education

Oliviero Nadia

Consumer detriment assessment, consumer protection, behavioural change and persuasion for health promotion, ICTs

Orlando Antonina


Ottone Stefania

Economics, neuroeconomics

Padoa Schioppa Emilio

Landscape ecology, Environmental education

Palestini Paola

Education and communication

Palmonari Matteo


Papagno Costanza


Paulesu Eraldo

Explicit and implicit attitudes towards food: behavioral and fMRI evidence in normal subjects and obese patients

Pelagatti Matteo


Peri Francesco

Biochemistry of inflammation

Perugini Marco

Evaluative learning and change, psychometrics, implicit methods

Prosperi Laura

Food history

Regonesi Maria Elena

Biochemical activities of relevant key plant enzymes

Rimoldi Luca

Anthropology of food

Risso Paola

Neuromarketing, food and beverage perception.

Rizzi Daniela


Rizzi Mariagrazia

Legislative and administrative efforts of market regulation in ancient greek and roman economies

Rossetti Massimiliano

Food and sustainability

Ruga Riva Carlo

Food Crimes, Food Fraud, GMO's Crimes

Rula Anisa


Sacco Elena

Mechanism of action of food molecules on in vitro cancer cell lines

Schettini Raimondo

Food recognition using AI and computer vision. Food quality control.

Schillaci Daniela Roberta


Steca Patrizia

Lifestyle change, health and well-being

Tateo Fernando

Analytical chemistry of aromatic substance
Chemical analysis by Mass Spectroscopy

Tedeschi Paolo

Food history

Tisi Renata

Metabolic Evaluation on yeast model organism for in vivo studies

Uberazzi Benedetta

Food and protection of IP rights

Ulivieri Stefania

Biographies and nutrition histories

Van Aken Mauro

Anthropology of Food

Zajczyk Francesca

Measurement and change of attitudes (both implicit/spontaneous and explicit/controlled)

Zizzari Sara

Elderly's food access and habits

Zogmaister Cristina

Measurement and change of attitudes (both implicit/spontaneous and explicit/controlled)