Davide Maggioni


Post-Doctoral Fellow at DISAT and scientific staff at MaRHE Center

Research activities and skills

Biodiversity, Molecular Phylogenetics, Integrative taxonomy, Evolution, Coral Reef Ecology, Seafood traceability using molecular techniques

Most Relevant Publication

Maggioni D, Tatulli G, Montalbetti E, Tommasi N, Galli P, Labra M, Pompa PP, Galimberti A (2020) From DNA barcoding to nanoparticle-based colorimetric testing: a new frontier in cephalopods authentication. Applied Nanoscience 10:1053-1060

Maggioni D, Arrigoni R, Seveso D, Galli P, Berumen ML, et al. (2020) Evolution and biogeography of the Zanclea-Scleractinia symbiosis. Coral Reefs 1-17

Maggioni D, Schiavo A, Ostrovsky AN, Seveso D, Galli P, Arrigoni R, Berumen ML, Benzoni F, Montano S (2020) Cryptic species and host specificity in the bryozoan-associated hydrozoan Zanclea divergens (Hydrozoa, Zancleidae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 151:106893

Louis YD, Bhagooli R, Seveso D, Maggioni D, Galli P, Vai M, Dyall SD (2020) Local acclimatisation-driven differential gene and protein expression patterns of Hsp70 in Acropora muricata: implications for coral resistance to bleaching. Molecular Ecology 29:4382-4394

Galimberti A*, Assandri G*, Maggioni D, Ramazzotti F, Baroni D, et al. (2020) Italian Odonates in the Pandora's Box: A Comprehensive DNA Barcoding Inventory Shows Taxonomic Warnings at the Holarctic Scale. Molecular Ecology Resources 21:183-200 (*first co-authors)