Gianluigi Ciocca


Associate Professor at the University of Milano-Bicocca

Research activities and skills

Computer vision and pattern recognition, image and video analysis and understanding, machine learning in the context of food applications.

Most Relevant Publication

Aslan, S., Ciocca, G., Mazzini, D., & Schettini, R. (2020). Benchmarking algorithms for food localization and semantic segmentation. International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics, 11(12), 2827-2847. Ciocca, G., Micali, G., & Napoletano, P. (2020). State recognition of food images using deep features. IEEE Access, 8, 32003-32017. Ciocca, G., Napoletano, P., & Schettini, R. (2018). CNN-based features for retrieval and classification of food images. Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 176, 70-77. Ciocca, G., Napoletano, P., & Schettini, R. (2016). Food recognition: a new dataset, experiments, and results. IEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics, 21(3), 588-598. Ciocca, G., Napoletano, P., & Schettini, R. (2015, September). Food recognition and leftover estimation for daily diet monitoring. In International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing (pp. 334-341). Springer, Cham.