Rino Bellocco


Professor in Biostatistics

Research activities and skills

Medical Statistics, Lifestyle Epidemiology, Causal Inference from Observational Data

Most Relevant Publication

Hantikainen E., Trolle Lagerros Y., Ye W., Serafini M., Adami H. O.,Bellocco R., Bonn S. Dietary Antioxidants and the Risk of Parkinson Disease: The Swedish National March Cohort. Neurology, 2021.96(6): e895-e903

Veen L., Hantikainen E.,Bellocco R., Ye W., Serafini M., Ponzano M., ... Trolle Lagerros,Y. Dietary antioxidants, non-enzymatic antioxidant capacity and the risk of osteoarthritis in the Swedish National March Cohort. European journal of nutrition, 2021.60(1): 169-17

Hantikainen E., L ̈of M., Grotta A., Trolle Lagerros, Y., Serafini M., Bellocco R.,Weiderpass E. Dietary non-enzymatic antioxidant capacity and risk of stroke: The Swedish Women’s Lifestyle and Health Cohort. Nutrition, 2020.73: 110723

Ghilotti F.,Bellocco R., Ye W., Adami H. O., Trolle Lagerros, Y. Obesity and risk ofinfections: results from men and women in the Swedish National March Cohort.International journal of epidemiology, 2019.48(6): 1783-1794.

Modzelewska D.,Bellocco R., Elfvin A., Brantsæter A.L., Meltzer H.M., Jacobsson B.,Sengpiel V. Caffeine exposure during pregnancy and neonatal outcome results from theNorwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study.BMC pregnancy and Childbirth, 2019.

Colarusso L., Serafini M., Trolle Lagerros Y., Nyren O., La Vecchia C., Rossi M., Ye W.,Tavani A., Adami HA., Grotta A.,Bellocco R.Dietary Antioxidant Capacity and Risk ofStroke in a prospective cohort study of Swedish Men and Women.Nutrition, 2017.33:234–239.