Antonella Bruno


Postdoctorall fellow at ZooplantLab of University of Milan Bicocca

Research activities and skills

Drinking water microbiome and environmental microbiomes;
DNA barcoding and metabarcoding of food and environmental matrices.

Most Relevant Publication

Bruno, A., Sandionigi, A., Galimberti, A., Siani, E., Labra, M., Cocuzza, C., ... & Casiraghi, M. (2017). One step forwards for the routine use of high‐throughput DNA sequencing in environmental monitoring. An efficient and standardizable method to maximize the detection of environmental bacteria. MicrobiologyOpen6(1).

Bruno, A., Sandionigi, A., Rizzi, E., Bernasconi, M., Vicario, S., Galimberti, A., ... & Casiraghi, M. (2017). Exploring the under-investigated “microbial dark matter” of drinking water treatment plants. Scientific Reports7.

Mezzasalma, V., Sandionigi, A., Bruni, I., Bruno, A., Lovicu, G., Casiraghi, M., & Labra, M. (2017). Grape microbiome as a reliable and persistent signature of field origin and environmental conditions in Cannonau wine production. PloS one12(9), e0184615.

Casiraghi, M., Galimberti, A., Sandionigi, A., Bruno, A., & Labra, M. (2016). Life With or Without Names. Evolutionary Biology43(4), 582-595.

Galimberti, A., Bruno, A., Mezzasalma, V., De Mattia, F., Bruni, I., & Labra, M. (2015). Emerging DNA-based technologies to characterize food ecosystems. Food Research International69, 424-433.

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