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Cibo e società: innovare pratiche, politiche e mercati alimentari

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Qualification required

Bachelor or master degree

Director and contacts

Prof. Luca Mocarelli;

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The Master aims at training experts in aspects related to food supply chains and food systems capable of combining technical skills (project management, food marketing, regulatory aspects, communication principles) with a critical approach based on of social sciences (anthropology, sociology, economics, history, law). The course has a professionalizing purpose and provides training with a strong practical-applicative component.

1) to train specialists capable of designing and managing cutting-edge projects and initiatives in the food distribution and consumption sector,
2) to provide an updated knowledge of welfare and an overview of the new market orientations,
3) to develop informed policies on food networks and systems of the future,
4) to qualify new professional figures that meet the market demands of the food sector.

Career opportunities

Professional opportunities:
1) new profiles and new professions with high specialized training,
2) planning for public and private bodies, including non-profit organizations involved in the distribution and consumption of food,
3) guiding the strategic communication vision of large groups and consumer awareness campaigns, 4) new forms of entrepreneurship, foundation of new networks and services.