Cristina Zogmaister


Associated Professor in Psychometrics at the University of Milano-Bicocca.

Research activities and skills

Measurement of psychological constructs (e.g., attitudes, opinions, habits), both with traditional techniques (questionnaires, surveys) and indirect measures (measures of implicit cognition, as for example the Association Test, Affect Misattribution Procedure; social media analysis).

Most Relevant Publication

Vezzoli, M., Colombo, A., Marano, A., Zoccatelli, G., & Zogmaister, C. (2021). Test for Mobile phone dependence: psychometric properties and confirmatory factor analysis. Current Psychology, 1-12.

McCarthy, R., Gervais, W., Aczel, B., ... & Zogmaister, C. (2021). A Multi-Site Collaborative Study of the Hostile Priming Effect. Collabra: Psychology, 7(1).

Zogmaister, C., Richetin, J., Perugini, M., Vezzoli, M., & Songa, G. (2020). Motivational Relevance Modulates the Predictive Validity of the Implicit Association Test. Social Cognition, 38(3), 234-265.

Zogmaister, C., Durante, F., Mari, S., Crippa, F., & Volpato, C. (2020). Measuring objectification through the Body Inversion Paradigm: Methodological issues. PloS one, 15(2), e0229161.

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