Francesco Peri


Associated professor in Organic Chemistry at the Department of Biotechnology and Biosciences, University of Milano Bicocca.

Research activities and skills

Medicinal chemistry, development of new immunotherapeutics based on TLR targeting, immunoadiuvants and vaccines, study of protein-drug interaction, preclinical development of drugs.

Most Relevant Publication

 Synthetic and natural small molecule TLR4 antagonists inhibit motoneuron death in cultures from ALS mouse model M De Paola, SE Sestito, A Mariani, C Memo, R Fanelli, M Freschi, C Bendotti, F Peri. Pharmacological research 103, 180-187, 2016 A novel small molecule TLR4 antagonist (IAXO-102) negatively regulates non-hematopoietic toll like receptor 4 signalling and inhibits aortic aneurysms development C Huggins, S Pearce, F Peri, F Neumann, G Cockerill, G Pirianov Atherosclerosis 242 (2), 563-570, 2015.

Molecular simplification of lipid A structure: TLR4-modulating cationic and anionic amphiphiles V Calabrese, R Cighetti, F Peri Molecular immunology 63 (2), 153-161, 2015.

Chemistry of Lipid A: At the Heart of Innate Immunity A Molinaro, O Holst, F Di Lorenzo, M Callaghan, A Nurisso, G D'Errico, F Peri et al. Chemistry-A European Journal 21 (2), 500-519, 2015.

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