Ilaria Bruni


Research technician at the University of Milano-Bicocca.

Research activities and skills

The main field concerns the increasing value of complex matrices and waste food using molecular identification by DNA-based markers and the study of the metabolic profile (plant extract). The multidisciplinary approach enhances the natural bioactivity of complex matrices.

Most Relevant Publication

 Amigoni, L., Stuknytė, M., Ciaramelli, C., Magoni, C., Bruni, I., De Noni, I., Airoldi, C., Regonesi M.E., & Palmioli, A. (2017). Green coffee extract enhances oxidative stress resistance and delays aging in Caenorhabditis elegans. Journal of Functional Foods, 33, 297-306.

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Galimberti, A., Sandionigi, A., Bruno, A., Bruni, I., Barbuto, M., Casiraghi, M., & Labra, M. (2015). Towards a universal molecular approach for the quality control of new foodstuffs. Advances in Food Biotechnology, 37.

Galimberti, A., Bruno, A., Mezzasalma, V., De Mattia, F., Bruni, I., & Labra, M. (2015). Emerging DNA-based technologies to characterize food ecosystems. Food Research International, 69, 424-433.

Bruni, I., Galimberti, A., Caridi, L., Scaccabarozzi, D., De Mattia, F., Casiraghi, M., & Labra, M. (2015). A DNA barcoding approach to identify plant species in multiflower honey. Food Chemistry, 170, 308-315.

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