Luca Rimoldi


Post-doctoral research fellow in Cultural Anthropology (University of Milano-Bicocca).

Research activities and skills

Food and Social Memory, Food and Urban Spaces. Ethnographic research methods.

Most Relevant Publication

Bimbi F., Rimoldi L.,(2017), eds., Cibo e vino. Tra illusioni di memorie condivise e ricerca della qualità, Archivio Antropologico Mediterraneo

Rimoldi, L. (2016). The Multiple Values of Botteghe Storiche. Food, Urban Spaces and Memory in Milan, Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 5 (1), 11-22.

Rimoldi, L. (2015). How to Show a National Cuisine. Food and Work in Masterchef’s Kitchen. Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 4, (2),257-262 .

Rimoldi, L. (2014). Eating Online Discourses: Rhetorics on Food Consumption in Contemporary Bicocca (Milan, Italy), Journal of Educational and Social Research, 4(1), 469–477.

Rimoldi, L. (2013). «The Kitchen of the Revolution» Food and Working-class memory in the Bicocca Area (Milan, Italy). Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 4(3), 778–785