Maurizio Casiraghi


Associated Professor in Zoology at the University of Milano-Bicocca.

Research activities and skills

Molecular evolution in relation to biodiversity and agro-biodiversity
DNA barcoding and metabarcoding of food and environmental matrices
Study of microbiota and microbiome evolution.

Most Relevant Publication

 Bruno, A., Sandionigi, A., Rizzi, E., Bernasconi, M., Vicario, S., Galimberti, A. & Casiraghi, M. (2017). Exploring the under-investigated “microbial dark matter” of drinking water treatment plants. Scientific Reports, 7.

A Galimberti, A Sandionigi, A Bruno, I Bruni, M Barbuto, M Casiraghi, M Labra. 2015. Towards a Universal Molecular Approach for the Quality Control of New Foodstuffs. Advances in Food Biotechnology, 37-60.

 Sandionigi A, Vicario S, Prosdocimi EM, Galimberti A, Ferri E, Bruno A, Balech B, Mezzasalma V, Casiraghi M (2015). Towards a better understanding of Apis mellifera and Varroa destructor microbiomes: introducing ‘phyloH’ as a novel phylogenetic diversity analysis tool. Molecular Ecology Resources, 15: 697–710.

Comtet T, Sandionigi A, Viard F, Casiraghi M (2015). DNA (meta)barcoding of biological invasions: a powerful tool to elucidate invasion processes and help managing aliens. Biological Invasions, 17(3), 905-922.

Barbuto M, Galimberti A, Ferri E, Labra M, Malandra R, Galli P, Casiraghi M (2010). DNA barcoding reveals fraudulent substitutions in shark seafood products: The Italian case of “palombo” (Mustelus spp.). Food Research International, 43: 376-381.

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