Paola Coccetti


Associate professor in Biochemistry, University of Milano-Bicocca.

Research activities and skills

Humanized yeast models expressing alpha-synuclein are used to characterize key nutrients and bioactive compounds to support healthy aging and to prevent neurodegeneration.

Most Relevant Publication

Tripodi, F., Lombardi, L., Guzzetti, L., Panzeri, D., Milanesi, R., Leri, M., ... & Coccetti, P. (2020). Protective effect of Vigna unguiculata extract against aging and neurodegeneration. Aging (Albany NY), 12(19), 19785.

Milanesi, R., Coccetti, P., & Tripodi, F. (2020). The regulatory role of key metabolites in the control of cell signaling. Biomolecules, 10(6), 862.