Paolo Galli


Associated professor of Ecology at the Department of Biotechnology and Biosciences

Research activities and skills

Focused on the study of Marine Ecology (Red Sea and Maldives), specifically on fish parasites, coral disease, identification and quantification of abiotic and abiotic disturb on coral reef.

Most Relevant Publication

D Seveso, S Montano, G Strona, I Orlandi, P Galli, M Vai, Hsp60 expression profiles in the reef-building coral Seriatopora caliendrum subjected to heat and cold shock regimes, Marineenvironmental research119,1-11

A Giorgi, M Monti, P Galli, S Montano, Entoprocta–sponge associations in the Indian Ocean , Coral Reefs 35 (2), 611-611

MAL Reggente, F Alves, C Nicolau,LFreitas,D Cagnazzi, RW Baird,...Nurturant behavior toward dead conspecifics in free-ranging mammals: new records for odontocetes and a general review, Journal of Mammalogy, gyw089

D Maggioni,S Montano, D Seveso, P Galli Molecular evidence for cryptic species in Pteroclava krempfi (Hydrozoa, Cladocorynidae) living in association with alcyonaceans, Systematics and Biodiversity, 1-10

S Montano, A Giorgi, M Monti, D Seveso, P Galli  Spatial variability in distribution and prevalence of skeletal eroding band and brown band disease in Faafu Atoll, Maldives, Biodiversity and Conservation, 1-12

S Montano, G Strona, D Seveso, D Maggioni, P Galli, Slow progression of black band disease in Goniopora cf. columna colonies may promote its persistence in a coral community, MarineBiodiversity45(4),857-860

S Montano, G Strona, D Seveso, D Maggioni, P Galli Widespread occurrence of coral diseases in the central Maldives Marineand Freshwater Research

S Montano, D Seveso, P Galli, S Puce, BW Hoeksema,  Mushroom corals as newly recorded hosts of the hydrozoan symbiont Zanclea sp.,  MarineBiologyResearch11 (7),773-779

S Montano, D Maggioni, R Arrigoni, D Seveso, S Puce, P Galli  The Hidden Diversity of Zanclea Associated with Scleractinians Revealed by Molecular Data, PloS one 10 (7), e0133084

D Seveso, S Montano, M Reggente, I Orlandi, P Galli, M Vai,  Modulation of Hsp60 in response to coral brown band disease, Diseases of aquatic organisms 115 (1), 15

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